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In a fast changing world of disruptive technologies, algorithms, artificial intelligence, and uncertainty; companies and organisations have no other choice than structured perfection. SOCOE is comprised from a team of strategists, system designers, business model experts and service designers with a cumulative international experience of over 100 years. We help our customers be great at what they do. Or get even greater.

About Us

We are your trusted technology - based business partner, with a disrup- tive IR4.0 digital back-end system integrator of complex IT system, we deliver mission critical customised information technology (IT) solutions and services, e-commerce expertise and technical services. We deliver on our promises with excellence and ensure client security and revenue generation. Our mission is to empower every layer of the society to become a robust member of the global digital economy

Our mission is to empower each
and everyone to be an active member
of the digital economy.

Radical Candor

We make forward-thinking decisions for the long-term, not based on what others are doing right now. We identify root causes instead of treating symptoms.

Freedom with Accountability

We thrive in a state of freedom and autonomy. We own our outcomes, share the credit, and shoulder the responsibility.

Future Minded Creativity

We make forward-thinking decisions for the long-term, not based on what others are doing right now. We identify root causes instead of treating symptoms.


We treat everyone with respect. Our team is incredibly diverse: in nationality, country of residence, and background, and we believe this diversity makes our team better. More than that, it’s necessary for our team to do the creative thinking required to be a market leader.

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Strategy, Design, App Development, Implementation

Authentic Products and Services Powered by Sarawak Women

ePreneurs proudly brings you offerings from Sarawakian producers and providers all in one place. All featured products and services are crafted and provided with pride and from the range of tradi- tional Sarawakian heritage to a modern infused creativity, service and hospitality, and delivered with our promise of quality honed from generations of artisanal skills and refinement, and entrusted from generation to generation. Our providers and producers are the selected few cream of the crops, coming in from all over Sarawak and together, offers a variety of offerings to complement your tastes and lifestyle. We look forward to providing you the best products and services from Sarawak.



Strategy, Design, App Development, Implementation

Technological Forefront for COVID19

i-Alerts is a Digital Initiative with the State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) and Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA). Designed to cater for all disasters in Sarawak and serve as the Core Integrated Disaster Management Platform to address current and future disasters with the core technological framework prioritizing Data Interoperability (DI). With more than 30 different stakeholders and agencies being part of the SDMC (Police, RELA, Health Department, Malaysia Civil Defense Force and more), i-Alerts allows for the connectivity between these stakeholders to discover, access, integrate and analyze taskappropriate data together.

Each stakeholder requires unique biometric admin credentials to access the system whereby data and information is shared among each stakeholder enabling effective analysis of disasters thereby providing data-driven decision for effective resource allocation.



Strategy, Business Transformation, Design, App Development, Implementation

Pioneering Digital Government with Border Control Online Framework

As the Sarawak Government enforced measures that align with Federal Government’s Movement Control Order (MCO) that took effect from 18 March 2020, SDMC and SMA tasked SOCOE to further develop the i-Alerts interoperability system framework to approve and monitor entry and exit of travelers into Sarawak, thus enterSarawak was developed in a record of under 36 hours. enterSarawak as an advance fully integrated component of iAlerts serves as the digital frontline that enables contactless tracking of inbound and outbound travelers into the State for Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC). This includes short term entry into the state for transit passengers, flight crew, freight and shipping personnel as well as essential services staff. This harmonized approach of collecting and transmitting data to and from border control agencies via a single and globally interoperable information structure and format avoids the unnecessary complexity in systems and allows for overall efficiency. Whether receiving a Stay Home Notice (SHN), Quarantine Order or more; enterSarawak expedites the process of passengers in and out of Sarawak, while providing a secure method for The Government to verify acceptance for travel which creates a much-needed layer of border security. For enhanced security, the app is also equipped with biometric security encryption to ensure only authorized individuals have functional access.



Strategy, Business Transformation, Design, App Development, Implementation

Digital Wellbeing and Welfare of the People

iSarawakCare is an initiative from the Ministry of Welfare, Community Wellbeing, Women, Family and Childhood Development to facilitate frontline services to foster private sector growth and to cater the needs of the community. Aligned with the Strategic Action No.26 which is outlined in the Sarawak Digital Economy Plan, iSarawakCare provides a platform for digital transition that would assist in delivering wide scale and lifelong benefits to the citizens such as enriching lives, engaging communities and developing economies with digital connectivity and innovations. The need to establish a digital presence to provide effective communication and information dissemination carries a significant role in the current economy. Therefore, iSarawakCare is equipped with advanced web and ICT features, specifically the Back-End Engine System (BES) that manages and delivers content for social and community functions in the accessibility of a smartphone. iSarawakCare serves as an integrated platform to educate, empower and facilitate the people of Sarawak.